Chicago Society

of the Polish National Alliance

The mission of the Society is to share a leadership role in the improvement of life of Polonia institutions, groups, and individuals; promote public awareness, especially among youth, of Polish and Polonia history and culture; and support and nurture the business and civic endeavors of its members.



Adopted August 4, 2003, and as Thereafter Amended


 I. Dues

Annual dues for all members shall be $150, except as follows:

A. For Senior members the annual dues shall be $75.

B. For members age 28 or younger the annual dues shall be $75.

C. For members who reside outside of the Cook County or its contiguous counties and make a request for Non-Resident Membership on the approved form or a reasonable facsimile thereof, or are Associate Members, the annual dues shall be $45.

D. Dues must be paid by March 1 of the year for which they are billed and will be considered delinquent if not paid within 60 days of billing or within 60 days after having been inducted as a member.


II. Initiation Fees

An applicant  for Active Membership shall submit a $50 initiation fee with his membership application to the Board of Directors. An applicant who is the son of a member or who is applying for Associate Membership shall submit a $25 initiation fee with his membership application.


III. Powers of Board of Directors

Section 1. The policy-making powers of the Chicago Society are vested in the Board and it alone shall determine compliance with our stated purposes and shall have the power and authority to perform all acts and functions not inconsistent with all applicable laws, our Constitution and By-Laws. The Board's powers shall include, but not be limited to determining the meaning of "members in good standing", "non-residency" and whether a "vacancy" exists in any office or committee.


Section 2. In the event any Board member is unable to perform his duties and responsibilities, the Board shall have the power and discretion to remove such officer from his position, to declare that a vacancy exists in the office and shall fill the vacancy immediately.


IV. Waiver of Dues

Any member of the Society may request waiver of dues for a member who is physically unable to attend meetings by reason of poor health or is enduring other hardships. The Board of Directors shall consider and determine each such situation on an individual basis.


V. Membership Privileges

Members in good standing shall have the following rights:

1. One vote per member on all issues concerning the Chicago Society which are brought to a vote.

2. One vote per member in the election of Officers and Directors.

3. One vote per member for the recall of an Officer or Director by affirmative vote of two-thirds of members present at a. meeting called pursuant to the Constitution.

4. One vote per member in the amendment, adoption, correction or repeal of the Constitution.

5. One vote per member to authorize dissolution of the Chicago Society as provided by law.

6. All voting must be in person and not by proxy.

7. The rights, benefits and responsibilities of membership shall be the same for all classes of members.

8. No member of the Chicago Society shall be personally liable for its debts or obligations.


VI. Bonding

The Board of Directors is empowered to require that every Officer, Director, Committee Chair and/or Member who is entrusted with money shall be bonded as provided in the Constitution. The premium for such bonding will be paid by the Society.


VII. Termination of Office

Upon the termination of his office each Officer, Director, Committee Chair and Member shall transfer to his successor all Chicago Society funds, records, accounts and other assets in his possession in a timely manner.


VIII. Membership Reinstatement

1. Members in good standing who have left the Chicago Society are eligible for reinstatement by submitting to the Board the following documents:

A. Letter requesting reinstatement.

B. An updated membership application--initiation fee not required.

C. Pro-rata dues for the year of reinstatement


2. Suspended members: members suspended by the Chicago Society while not in good standing are eligible for reinstatement by submitting to the board the following documents:

A. Letter requesting reinstatement which must be received within six months after April 1, the date of automatic suspension for non-payment of dues. In the event said letter is received after the six month period has expired, the board shall take the reinstatement request under advisement for further action, if any.

B. Initiation fee in the amount of the then prevailing amount required of new members regardless of relationship to member, age or other special status.

C. Payment of the dues in full for the current year.


3. Non-Resident: Members may obtain Non-Resident status by submitting to the Board the following documents:

A. An application for Non-Resident status on the approved form which includes information of current residency, anticipated frequency of attendance at meetings and other relevant information deemed necessary by the Board.

B. Statements concerning residency will be accepted as submitted, subject to revocation at the Board's discretion as based on factual evidence available at the time.

C. A former member may be reinstated as a Non-Resident member upon compliance with the requirements of this Section as well as the applicable reinstatement requirements relating to the applicant's status at the time of leaving the Chicago Society.


IX. Senior Membership

Members in good standing may attain Senior Membership based upon his age and years of membership in accordance with the schedule detailed below and by submitting a letter request to the Board. Senior Membership includes all the benefits of the Chicago Society and reduced annual dues as determined by the Board:

A. Age 65 and 25 years of continuous membership

B. Age 66 and 24 years of continuous membership

C. Age 67 and 23 years of continuous membership

D. Age 68 and 22 years of continuous membership

E. Age 69 and 21 years of continuous membership

F. Age 70 and over and 20 or more years of continuous membership


X. Membership Suspensions

Members who have not remitted the annual dues by the 1st of MARCH of each year will be announced in the MARCH issue of the Forum. If delinquent dues are not received by APRIL 1st of the given year the delinquent member will automatically be suspended. Dues of new members are due within 60 days of their being sworn into membership.


XI. Forfeiture of Office

A member who loses his membership for any reason shall automatically forfeit his position held as an officer, director or committee chair.


XII. Board Meeting Attendance

Any member in good standing shall be permitted to attend a regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors but shall not speak or address the Board unless and until he has first notified the President of the subject matter that he plans to discuss and has obtained the President's approval to comment. Non-Board members in attendance at any Board meeting are not entitled to vote on any issue presented.


XIII. Expense Allowance

The Board of Directors shall verify, approve and reimburse in a timely manner all Chicago Society related expenses incurred and submitted by Officers, Directors, Chairpersons and Members.


XIV. Non-Resident Status Eligibility

In determining Non-Resident Membership the Board of Directors shall consider whether the applicant resides within or outside of a County which is contiguous to Cook County, Illinois.


XV. Qualifications for Office

A candidate for elective office must have been a member of the Chicago Society and the Polish National Alliance in good standing for at least one (1) year immediately preceding his election to office.


XVI. Official Language

English shall be the official language of the Chicago Society.


Effective Date: August 4, 2003, and as thereafter amended.


Respectfully submitted,


By-Laws Revision Committee:

William H. Powell - Chairman

Walter M. Piecewicz

T. Ronald Jasinski-Herbert

Anthony J. Szpli

Celebrating our second century of Brotherhood and Service.

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